#BenevoLENT2020 – Day 10

This isn't a huge "pat me on the back" story, but it IS a success story. I walk to work. No, that is not exceptional. I live two blocks from my workplace. However, it is a great two blocks because it forces me to be out in the world before I cocoon myself in my … Continue reading #BenevoLENT2020 – Day 10


#BenevoLENT2020 – Day 9

I just read a Lenten reflection that had made me uneasy. Not because it was poorly written or in bad taste, but because I saw myself in the sin that the author was addressing. It is one of my worst traits, and I am not proud to admit it, but I often become impatient with … Continue reading #BenevoLENT2020 – Day 9

#BenevoLENT2020 – Day 8

Today, for the first time in my life, someone called me to say "I hope you accept my apology." I actually felt tension fly off of my neck and shoulders. I've received apologies in writing, but never before in real time. Thanks to that one sentence, I am lighter and relaxed. More people (myself included!) … Continue reading #BenevoLENT2020 – Day 8

#BenevoLENT2020 – Day 7

I didn't do much of this today... because I only went to the chiropractor and work. But we've all been in the following scenario: You're quietly minding your own business. Maybe you're waiting to check out at Wawa, or on the subway platform about to board the train. You are exactly where etiquette says you're … Continue reading #BenevoLENT2020 – Day 7

#BenevoLENT2020 – Day 6

Please don't be fooled by my always seemingly chipper posts. Lent is a season of struggle. And let me tell ya, friends - I'm struggling today. I'm in one of those funks that, through experience, I feel that I can confidently attribute to: the weather, a depressive episode, anxiety, and my general frustration concerning the … Continue reading #BenevoLENT2020 – Day 6

#BenevoLENT2020 – Day 5

This time last week, I was just getting off of the phone. Actually, I was hung up on. Up until that point, I had been having such a nice day (I even went as far as to tweet about how unusually pleasant the day had been). Then I picked up to that unexpectedly distressing call. … Continue reading #BenevoLENT2020 – Day 5

#BenevoLENT2020 – Day 4

I didn't forget! Uploading this post has been on the back of my mind all day. But I'm not complaining, because the truth is that I got to spend the past twenty-four hours having a joyful Saturday with friends and family. I chose this challenge post at seven this morning. My sister and I were … Continue reading #BenevoLENT2020 – Day 4

#BenevoLENT2020 – Day 3

This! I really, really need to work on checking-in with friends. The people in my life are my rocks. God is putting our gifts to work in all regions of the world. I am so proud of each of them! Though, I feel as if I don't say it enough. Adolescent friendship tends to fizzle … Continue reading #BenevoLENT2020 – Day 3

#BenevoLENT2020 – Day 2

As someone who doesn't drive, I initially wrote this with my fellow public transportation users in mind. Having lived in Manhattan for four years, I have witnessed plenty of aggressive/passive aggressive behavior (looks, words, acts) between fellow MTA riders. And I'm not letting myself off of the hook! I have had my share of being … Continue reading #BenevoLENT2020 – Day 2

#BenevoLENT2020 – Day 1

My second annual #BenevoLENT challenge is live! I believe that simple acts of kindness are an offering to God. Last year, I was in a rough spot. Unemployed, constantly rejected, under medicated, and feeling lost. Alms wise, I didn't have much to offer for Lent. But I realized that what I could offer was my … Continue reading #BenevoLENT2020 – Day 1