#BenevoLENT2020 – Day 7

I didn't do much of this today... because I only went to the chiropractor and work. But we've all been in the following scenario: You're quietly minding your own business. Maybe you're waiting to check out at Wawa, or on the subway platform about to board the train. You are exactly where etiquette says you're … Continue reading #BenevoLENT2020 – Day 7


#BenevoLENT2020 – Day 5

This time last week, I was just getting off of the phone. Actually, I was hung up on. Up until that point, I had been having such a nice day (I even went as far as to tweet about how unusually pleasant the day had been). Then I picked up to that unexpectedly distressing call. … Continue reading #BenevoLENT2020 – Day 5

#BenevoLENT2020 – Day 3

This! I really, really need to work on checking-in with friends. The people in my life are my rocks. God is putting our gifts to work in all regions of the world. I am so proud of each of them! Though, I feel as if I don't say it enough. Adolescent friendship tends to fizzle … Continue reading #BenevoLENT2020 – Day 3

#BenevoLENT2020 – Day 2

As someone who doesn't drive, I initially wrote this with my fellow public transportation users in mind. Having lived in Manhattan for four years, I have witnessed plenty of aggressive/passive aggressive behavior (looks, words, acts) between fellow MTA riders. And I'm not letting myself off of the hook! I have had my share of being … Continue reading #BenevoLENT2020 – Day 2

#BenevoLENT2020 – Day 1

My second annual #BenevoLENT challenge is live! I believe that simple acts of kindness are an offering to God. Last year, I was in a rough spot. Unemployed, constantly rejected, under medicated, and feeling lost. Alms wise, I didn't have much to offer for Lent. But I realized that what I could offer was my … Continue reading #BenevoLENT2020 – Day 1

BenevoLENT Challenge

In this blessed liturgical season of Lent, I present to the Lord my internal sufferings, my flirtation with laziness, and the self-imposed ridicule I direct towards my own charisms. I sacrifice my temptation to linger on hatred and pain. Through FAITH, I will hold in confidence that the Lord hears my prayers. I will pray … Continue reading BenevoLENT Challenge

The Lies I Tell My Doctor

Don't get me wrong, I love my PCP. Hands down, he is the best family doctor we've ever had. In regards to my anxiety and depression, he was the first person that I had ever been somewhat honest with. He was the first person who prescribed me an antidepressant. On that first visit, he believed … Continue reading The Lies I Tell My Doctor

Unemployed and Disheartened

I spent the past year sending applications out. Job opening in the religious sector? Lay people eligible to apply? Master degree in theology preferred? No driver's license necessary? If you came across these words on a LinkedIn or CatholicJobs posting, then there is a good chance I sent in my materials. Campus minister. Theology teacher. … Continue reading Unemployed and Disheartened

July 14th, 2019

DEUTERONOMY 30, COLOSSIANS 1, AND  LUKE 10 I've decided that I don't need these theological reflections to be brilliant. When I uploaded one the other day, I was doused with anxiety. Not because I am hesitant to let other people know my thoughts, but because I set a standard for myself that is not unlike … Continue reading July 14th, 2019