#BenevoLENT2020 – Day 7

I didn’t do much of this today… because I only went to the chiropractor and work. But we’ve all been in the following scenario:

You’re quietly minding your own business. Maybe you’re waiting to check out at Wawa, or on the subway platform about to board the train. You are exactly where etiquette says you’re supposed to be. Suddenly, someone is making a beeline for your destination. There might be elbows out, or they might truly be oblivious to your presence.

This is the moment when you gotta decide what mood you’re about to be in. You only have a split second to make up your mind. Are you standing your ground? Or are you… just standing?

Some fights really aren’t worth it. If the situation may cause you to do or say something that would make you bitter (and have you dwell on next time you’re sitting in the pews), it’s best to bow out. Let that person be aggressive. That’s their business, and they’re likely miserable because of it.


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