#BenevoLENT2020 – Day 6

Please don't be fooled by my always seemingly chipper posts. Lent is a season of struggle. And let me tell ya, friends - I'm struggling today. I'm in one of those funks that, through experience, I feel that I can confidently attribute to: the weather, a depressive episode, anxiety, and my general frustration concerning the … Continue reading #BenevoLENT2020 – Day 6


The Lies I Tell My Doctor

Don't get me wrong, I love my PCP. Hands down, he is the best family doctor we've ever had. In regards to my anxiety and depression, he was the first person that I had ever been somewhat honest with. He was the first person who prescribed me an antidepressant. On that first visit, he believed … Continue reading The Lies I Tell My Doctor

July 14th, 2019

DEUTERONOMY 30, COLOSSIANS 1, AND  LUKE 10 I've decided that I don't need these theological reflections to be brilliant. When I uploaded one the other day, I was doused with anxiety. Not because I am hesitant to let other people know my thoughts, but because I set a standard for myself that is not unlike … Continue reading July 14th, 2019