#BenevoLENT2020 – Day 6

Please don’t be fooled by my always seemingly chipper posts. Lent is a season of struggle. And let me tell ya, friends – I’m struggling today.

I’m in one of those funks that, through experience, I feel that I can confidently attribute to: the weather, a depressive episode, anxiety, and my general frustration concerning the state of the world. These funks play themselves out over time, but during the process I am anything but holy. I am easily agitated, distracted, and uncharitable in word, action, and thought. And though my desk, inbox, bookshelf, and workplace are all filled with materials that could relax me back into the spirit of the season, I struggle with letting go of the negativity.

I affirm my struggle. However, my goal is to not take it out on other people. No one deserves being lashed out on, or even to be made to feel as if they are responsible for my bad mood. So even though the funk is tough, I’ll try for smiles over grimaces and hospitality over hostility.

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