#BenevoLENT2020 – Day 10

This isn't a huge "pat me on the back" story, but it IS a success story. I walk to work. No, that is not exceptional. I live two blocks from my workplace. However, it is a great two blocks because it forces me to be out in the world before I cocoon myself in my … Continue reading #BenevoLENT2020 – Day 10


#BenevoLENT2020 – Day 8

Today, for the first time in my life, someone called me to say "I hope you accept my apology." I actually felt tension fly off of my neck and shoulders. I've received apologies in writing, but never before in real time. Thanks to that one sentence, I am lighter and relaxed. More people (myself included!) … Continue reading #BenevoLENT2020 – Day 8

#BenevoLENT2020 – Day 4

I didn't forget! Uploading this post has been on the back of my mind all day. But I'm not complaining, because the truth is that I got to spend the past twenty-four hours having a joyful Saturday with friends and family. I chose this challenge post at seven this morning. My sister and I were … Continue reading #BenevoLENT2020 – Day 4

July 9th, 2019

Genesis 32 and Matthew 9 As I attempt to do any theological reflection, I always pray for focus. Focus, first and foremost, on the words of Sacred Scripture. I ask the Holy Spirit for blinders; the strength to ignore the compulsions that urge me to check my phone notifications, change seating positions, refill my mug, … Continue reading July 9th, 2019