#BenevoLENT2020 – Day 4

I didn’t forget! Uploading this post has been on the back of my mind all day. But I’m not complaining, because the truth is that I got to spend the past twenty-four hours having a joyful Saturday with friends and family.

I chose this challenge post at seven this morning. My sister and I were walking down the street to my workplace. Like usual, we encountered a neighbor and their canine companion. In this town, I swear, at any given hour, there is at least one dog being walked. This woman’s dog happened to be taking an extra long sniff in someone’s front yard; oblivious to it’s frowning and shivering owner. I have to admit – I didn’t think this woman was in much of a mood to be friendly. BUT I’ve always wanted to be that neighbor who at least acknowledged everyone’s presence (the street I grew up on isn’t, and never really has been, “neighborly”). So, we exchanged simple hellos. I asked how her morning was. And to my surprise? She beamed. She said it was going great.

My first take-away: Never assume someone else’s feelings.

My second take-away: There is so much hostility in our culture, that I believe people are genuinely surprised/pleased when they have pleasant interactions with strangers. Simple greetings? Eye contact? A smile? Our days are filled with potentially positive encounters. Let’s use our facial expressions and our body language intentionally.

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