July 14th, 2019

DEUTERONOMY 30, COLOSSIANS 1, AND  LUKE 10 I've decided that I don't need these theological reflections to be brilliant. When I uploaded one the other day, I was doused with anxiety. Not because I am hesitant to let other people know my thoughts, but because I set a standard for myself that is not unlike … Continue reading July 14th, 2019

July 9th, 2019

Genesis 32 and Matthew 9 As I attempt to do any theological reflection, I always pray for focus. Focus, first and foremost, on the words of Sacred Scripture. I ask the Holy Spirit for blinders; the strength to ignore the compulsions that urge me to check my phone notifications, change seating positions, refill my mug, … Continue reading July 9th, 2019

Home is Where the Heart Burns

All Catholic churches are homes for all Catholic peoples. A home, not a house. A church building is never simply a structure. It is where the family of the faithful come to rejoice, to weep, to be nourished, partake of the Sacred Body and Blood, to drink and to eat. It is home. It is … Continue reading Home is Where the Heart Burns

Benevo[LENT] Challenge

I'm not a scientist. I don't believe that that can be overstated enough. Upon reflections of the past decade, it is a wonder that I didn't fail two separate high school chemistry courses and/or admitted to hospital from the amount of panic that such academic requirements have put on my mental well-being. Outside of faith, … Continue reading Benevo[LENT] Challenge