Benevo[LENT] Challenge

I’m not a scientist.

I don’t believe that that can be overstated enough. Upon reflections of the past decade, it is a wonder that I didn’t fail two separate high school chemistry courses and/or admitted to hospital from the amount of panic that such academic requirements have put on my mental well-being.

Outside of faith, my knowledge about the natural world is limited. I try to own up to my humility; to be humbled by the fact that I do not excel in scholarly pursuits outside of the disciplines of church history, religious studies, theology, and catechesis. Therefore, I can not offer a heart, so hardened that it refuses to entertain the possibility that there is a Divine Plan set into motion by an omnipresent/omnipotent/omnibenevolent, much by means of irrefutable evidence.

However, it is my steadfast belief that I was created in, and for, love by the originator of all that is Just, Merciful, Good, and Lovely. Therefore, it is my duty, as a person who has been baptized and confirmed into the ever-growing Body of Christ, to continue our Lord’s mission of reintroducing acts of love to the People of God. As someone who dwells often on what is being asked of Christians in being vulnerable to the guidance of the Holy Spirit, I can think of no better use of my time than to be a tangible example for how Christian hope operates in a, too often, human reality that is forced to endure fear, heartbreak, misery.

In this blessed liturgical season of Lent, I present to the Lord my internal sufferings, my flirtation with laziness, and the self-imposed ridicule I direct towards my own God given abilities. As we are all called to do at Mass, I now will motivate myself to do during all hours of these upcoming forty days. I sacrifice my temptation to linger on such pain in the FAITH that the Lord will hear my prayer for persistence in the never-ending quest to embrace all that is virtuous. In acknowledgment of God’s grace, I will do all I can to be a source of God’s love for others.

Smile in someone’s direction. Compliment a person who has willingly stepped into the public light. Offer prayer. Pay it forward. This is the purpose of the Benevo[LENT] Challenge – to be a witness of Christ’s Passion, Death, and Resurrection during any interaction (be it online or face-to-face) with other human persons. The Challenge is to be ready at all times to express love.

I will be using the hashtag #BenevoLENT2019 to track my journey with this Lenten Challenge. I encourage anyone else who might feel called to spread this witness alongside me to share the hashtag on any/all social media pages.

Also find on this website my tabs for theological reflection, poetry, and blog posts. For months, I have been meaning to set a goal for myself. I have been wanting to spend time with the Lectionary; to get into the discipline of reading and reflecting deeply with Scripture on a daily basis. What better time to start this endeavor than on Ash Wednesday? I pray that my thoughts may be of comfort or intrigue to those who are interested in reading my updates. Hopefully, they shall prove to be of comfort for myself as well.

With Lenten Blessings,


Dear friends, let us love one another. For love comes from God. Everyone who loves has been born of God and knows God. Whoever does not love does not know God, because God is love.

1 John 4:7-8

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